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I’m a software engineer that loves using VueJS. I’ve been using Vue for 4 years and have not looked back. Let me guide and fast track you to using Vue today.

My Stack

The Vue Ecosystem

Vue is simple and comes with great documentation. This however does not mean the ecosystem is not complex and full of options. Let’s explore the options and develop a path towards minimal roadblocks and maximum value.

  • Nuxt - The Intuitive Vue Framework

    A solid foundation that embraces convention over configuration. Nuxt introduces a module system to the Vue ecosystem. Adding plugins like Axios, PWA support, creating Sitemaps, and UI libraries can be accomplished with a simple module install.

  • Netlify - The fastest way to build the fastest sites

    Development is one thing, but how do you get your code out in the wild. Netlify removes the work that goes into building a pipeline to your production, staging and development environments.

  • Storybook - UI Component explorer for frontend developers

    Storybook is the ultimate playground for frontend developers building components and interfaces. It allows you to build and demonstrate the capabilities of what you’ve built.

  • TailwindCSS - A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs

    Tailwind provides a common Class based language in building styles. It provides flexibility and does not lock you into a framework. You are just learning a set of utility classes to get the job done.

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Multiple angles of learning

Coaching from Mentor, Peer and Alumni support, through Pair Programming, chat and PR Review.

  • Pair Programming

    It is extremely important that we build a relationship and learn how to communicate and work with each other. Through pair programming, I can provide immediate feedback and work on your challenges together. Whether it’s questions on documentation or code that you’re writing for work let’s solve them together.

  • Peer Programming

    Mentor is one part of mentorship. I will pair you with another Mentees also learning Vue. Pairing with a mentee expands the different types of challenges and provide a cooperative environment to problem solve.

  • Invitation to Private Slack Server

    Chat is a great tool for handling asynchronous idea sharing and discussions. Throughout the day, week, we can explore your questions and curiosities together. We are building a network of Alumnis that have asked and solved the challenges focused in our stack.

  • Pull Request Review

    As you become comfortable with Vue and start making commits towards projects, the PR process is a great place to gain additional insights. The context provided by a project tailors the design decisions and feedback that can be provided.